Legend and Significance of the White Buffalo

Legend of the White BuffaloNative Americans are known to be very spiritual people that felt all of nature had a spirit. The main aspect of Native American religion was founded on Animism, which is the belief that everything has a spirit. This means that rocks, trees flowers and animals were believed to have spirits and you must be one with nature in order to prosper and obtain favor. The white buffalo had significant meaning to these indigenous people and there were many legends that were passed down.

White Buffalo and Symbolism

Everything had a deeper to the Native American people than want met the eye. It was believed that the white buffalo was a symbol of sacred life and abundant favor or wealth. The symbolism that was attributed to the white buffalo was gained from the legend that was passed on for many centuries.

Legend of the White Buffalo

The legend of the white buffalo began centuries ago and is connected to the seven sacred council fires. These seven fires occurred when the Lakota Sioux were camped and many of eth people were hungry and in need of food and nourishment. With the hot sun and hunger taking over 2 young members of the tribe went into the Black Hills to hunt for food. Legend has it that a stunning young woman wearing white appeared to them and told them to relay the message that she was coming. This woman then came to the Lakota people with a pipe that was said to be sacred and she disbursed great knowledge about the earth and how all things are connected together.

Prayer was an important part of the wisdom that was shared by the beautiful woman in white. She told them that you must pray for the proper direction in life. Once she was finished sharing her wisdom with the tribe, she moved 4 times and changed into a different color each time. Finally, she changed into a white buffalo and was no longer in view. Then many herds of buffalo were then witnessed on all sides of eth camp. The pipe that was given by the woman in white was then determined to be scared and was linked to white buffalo forever. The hunger and starvation was no more.

Meaning of the Legend

This legend of the white buffalo has a lot of significance and meaning to the Lakota people and all Native Americans. Almost all Native American tribes found hope and meaning within this legend of the white buffalo. White buffalo are widely considered by Native Americans to be the most sacred lining thing that inhabits the earth. Some buffalo even change colors and this change in color also has plenty of meaning within Native American culture. However, the white buffalo is even more sacred, because it is ties to eth woman in white that offered wisdom to the Lakota people. Only the most spiritual people were able to interpret the meaning of eth white buffalo legend.

Abundant Gifts

Another clear meaning of the whit buffalo is the symbol of abundance. This means that surviving is not simply defined by struggling. You can have abundance if you simply pray and ask for what you need. If you are given favor by the spirits, you will be given an abundance and will not be forced to suffer merely to survive. Abundance is attainable if you know the correct path of prayer and ritual. This lesson was very powerful to the Native American people and affected their customs in a large way. This means that Native Americans believed that the correct prayer could lead to the correct outcome. The lesson that everything your need to survive will be provided was an important one of eth Native American people to learn and pass on.

White Buffalo Birth and Meaning

When a white buffalo is born, this action has much significance to eth Native American people. The birth of a white buffalo is believed to signify a renewal of eth relationship with God and people of eth earth. The birth of a white buffalo is ties to the sacredness of life and how God provides for all. Many Native Americans even attribute the white buffalo as a second coming of Christ. That is how important ad spiritual the presence of eth white buffalo is seen to be.

Passing Significance On

The legend of the white buffalo was passed on for centuries and centuries, but the story was quite complex. If you do not come from this type of culture, it can be difficult to truly grasp the meaning and symbolism that the white buffalo hold. It is important to look at the legend from the perspective of the Native American people in order to truly understand how powerful a message the white buffalo signifies.

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  • lyman says:

    I saw a white buffalo today & it was rolling in the mud trying to get dark like the other buffalo.It’s not really white,but a light beige tan color,I’m assuming that’s a white buffalo.I’m sure that’s the legendary white buffalo of ancient stories.The animal is located in a new herd roaming the grass lands of North Dakota.I drive truck & spotted the animal in a low valley today 6-30-2014 James Town N.D. it’s a white buffalo!

    • White Buffalo says:

      Thanks for sharing this!

    • aubrey says:

      Had you seen a White Buffalo it woud have been the epic experience in your life. seeing and SEEING are not the same. SEEING can not be described…SEEING is experienced directly or not at all.

  • Sandy says:

    I came to this website to learn about the White Buffalo because I have not been exposed to it. I research this now because I had a dream that there was a beautiful, huge, White Buffalo in the road, and I was afraid it would be harmed. Although I was at first afraid of the buffalo, I was more afraid that it would be hurt. I put my arms around the neck of the White Buffalo and led him off the road. He wanted me to climb onto his back, so I did, and the White Buffalo carried me through a graveyard and up a hill. At the summit of the hill, I climbed off, and hugged him again. The warmth of our positive regard for each other still feels warm in my memory. Can you help me understand this dream?

  • Sabrina says:

    I had a dream late night that I was riding a brown horse high over a long ridge dirt road as I looked down I seen a whole small herd of white buffalo as they spotted me they all started running to the top the side of the hill and where running with me. a small calf kept running in front of my horse till I got off the ridge and rode to my barn

    • jaxelrad says:

      What a wonderful dream. .must be from the inner recesses of your mind . or spirit. ..I have a similar Lakota dream but about the sacred hoop and I felt that the dream was from a deep part of my spirit.

  • Lauria says:

    I had a dream in which I was a baby buffalo and was trying to cover myself to stay warm. I looked up and there was a massive white buffalo standing right beside me. The white buffalo had a white scarf hanging from its neck. On the scarf were Indian symbols in different colors. I also dreamed of catching a beautiful humming bird. It looked like a small humming bird when I saw it but when I caught it it was BIG. We looked into one anothers eyes and than it slipped away. It was the biggest and most beautiful humming bird.

  • Joanne says:

    I had a dream years ago about a baby white buffalo, I just saw him standing and looking at me. I always wondered what that dream meant.

  • grant burk says:

    what does the red eye mean? cause i have a dream about the red eye white buffalo i’m part cherokee
    sioux apache can i take the cherokee test?

  • grant burk says:

    your truly grant burk

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