Wish List :

1. We are looking for someone to help us truck and drive the buffalo handling gear from Arizona to Bend Oregon.
2. We need a small tractor to move hay and clean pens.
3. We need to build a small hay barn to hold 10 tons of hay; as we now have it cover it with tarps.
4. We would like to fence in 10 more acres so these buffalo have more room. We are using about five or six acres now, so 10 more would be a real help.
5. For fencing we still need: poles and cement, fencing panels, sheet metal steel panels, electric wire and insulators, solar power, and a few gates.

We have “Chief Hiawatha Big Medicine” Pendleton blankets (which contain white buffalo hair in the weave) to sell. Pendleton says these are likely the most collectible blankets they have ever made. These blankets really do help us feed these bison, and will also help us with our wish list.


Green Membership $540.00
A donation of $540.00 or more entitles you to a HWBBM Blanket.