White Bison Association Presents the White Bison Sanctuary

As a woman of first nations blood, a grandmother on the Turtle Island Grandmothers Council, and being called by spirit as a voice for this bison herd, I feel that the White Bison shed in the Pendleton blankets is a beauty FULL way for the Bison to support themselves. Just like a sheep herd, the hair shed is weaved into blankets that keep people warm as well as supporting this growing herd’s financial stability. In an agreement between our brother and sister Bison nation and the two legged nation, they continue to share themselves with the two legged nation with their shed to keep the people warm. All life is sacred to the Great Spirit, honoring one another us our responsibility for the continuation of all beings right to surthrive and exist on our Earth Mother. It is important to remember that these bison cannot roam the Earth like they once could before times changed and the only way to ensure their sustainability is through raising money that directly goes to care for the herd. In Gratitude, Grandmother Redhawk Quoting a Biologist her own words; As a biologist I just wanted to say that genetically it is impossible to create a recessive dominant without 2 recessive homozygous parents. It would take a lot of lab tinkering to do this as well as access to the ones that have been born in nature. Believe me when I tell ya darlin - it’s a heck of a lot easier to let nature create it!!

Updated pictures of the white Bison taken in March, 2011



On behalf of the SWPA we thank all of you for your time, donations, and prayers.

But most of all, thank you for your love for these Bison.

Blessings& Peace,

Cynthia Hart Button

President SWPA                                     

Our wish list for the White Bison Sanctuary September 2012

If you want to donate or can help us to purchase any of the items below
please contact Cynthia directly at: mystichart@msn.com or call 541-323-1885.

1. We would like to have our own land for the buffalo,instead of renting. The land would be put in the SWPA so the next, and next caretaker can keep the white buffalo alive..We need to be safer, do to the killing of the white buffalo in Texas. We can take all of our fencing and handleing gear with us . 40 plus area with and barn and house , would be good.
2. We need a small John Deere tractor, used or new.
3. we need more pantals & two gate for the buffalos.





Peace and Blessings to you,
Cynthia Hart-Button

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Email:  sacredworldpeacealliance@msn.com

Send us your prayers and support, we’d love to hear from you.

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