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It takes humility to remember who we are....

When we all come together as One Mind, One Spirit, One Heart for Peace we will walk in the 5th World of Peace and Illumination..Whitefawn Star


Please, Please Water Sisters and Brothers.....Lightbearers....come together Sunday and Monday as the Video proclaims....Sunday at Sunset our Star Nation Brothers and Sisters will come is coming... this video is awesome... beautiful and inspirational....
I will meet you all under the stars with open heart to welcome those that have come through the portal.... Blessings... All Ways Grandmother Whitedeer...

The Global Prayer Wave - GULF OF MEXICO

John Coughenour  July 10, 2021 at 3:29pm
Subject: FOCUS POINT - Call to Intention - Cap the Well
Blessings to Everyone in the Global Prayer Wave Group.

During Nikita and I's 12PM Prayer today we got the intuition to ask everyone for the next few days to solely focus on the capping of the well.

BP is currently in the process of attempting what could be a viable solution to FULLY cap the well.

As with most incidents like this, there are many dimensions to the issue that deserve our every attention and support. However, we feel that bringing our attention to so many different dimensions can potentially diminish the power of our focus and intention.

If you feel too, please take an extra moment today and over the next few days, to fully zero in on the minds-eye visual of the cap completely and safely sealing the leak... take this visual and place it into your Hearts... let this vision then be surrounded by your Hearts-feelings, desires and emotions of what it will be like once it truly is capped; the relief, the joy, the gratitude, as these feelings and energies are the fuel to manifesting our intent and visions!!!


We are in the process of updating our website to reflect the scope of this situation and the different issues that need to be focused on as well as conscious action steps.

Stay tuned, connected & focused.
Together We Make a Difference.

Cornflower & Nikita

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From: Evolutionary Leaders

The Gulf Call to Sacred Action
sponsored by Evolutionary Leaders: In Service to Conscious Evolution

Dear Friends,

Thank you for registering for The Gulf Call to Sacred Action. On Tuesday, we had our second call -- The Power of Sacred Prayer. As Gandhi once said, "Prayer is the most potent instrument of action." Our guests Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, James O'Dea and Joan Borysenko definitely proved this on our call.

The call recording is available for playback here. You may also listen to the recording over the phone at 712-432-1085 (long distance charges do apply). You can also find the prayers offered by Reverend Michael Beckwith and James O'Dea on our website.

To seal in the power of intention and prayer we've explored on our last two calls, we invite you to join us in a daily practice.
Every day, please come on to our website at 9:55 AM Pacific/12:55 PM Eastern/7:55 PM UK Time to read one of the provided prayers or say one of your own.

At 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern/8 PM UK time every day, send the following intention, "My intention is for BP's engineers to immediately and successfully divert the Deepwater Horizon oil leak with no long-term damage to the environment." As you send this intention, please mentally imagine the relief wells being successfully dripped and the sea and marine life being restored. Imagine with all your five senses in great detail. Take a moment to feel the palpable sense of unity with other intenders around the world. Feel free to use the Lynne McTaggart's intention experiment video guide.
Please share this initiative with everyone you know. Invite them to sign up for the call information and access to our archive and resources by going to

Our next call -- The Heart of Sacred Activism -- will be Tuesday July 13th at 5:30 PM Pacific/8:30 PM Eastern. You can dial in to the call at 712-432-0075 code 753806# or listen live at The call will feature prolific futurist, writer and public speaker Barbara Marx Hubbard, scientist, visionary and scholar Gregg Braden and Andrew Harvey, author, religious scholar and teacher of mystic traditions. We will email you a reminder the day before the call.

If you are getting value out of these calls, please help us help others. Every penny you give will help an affected family in the Gulf. Please contribute here.

As I shared on the call, you are a vital part of the collective. We need you, your voice, and your participation to create a better world. Every thought, every intention, every prayer, and every penny counts. Thank you for joining with us.

With love and blessings,
Debbie Ford & Evolutionary Leaders: In Service to Conscious Evolution



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New Earth Rising
Caroline Dawley
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Peace is the Pathway of Peace

Dear Ones,
Tomorrow July 11 at 12:40 PM PDT is when this will take place. Whether we will be able to see it or not, it will have an impact and is already affecting some so pay attention to how you feel.
Suzy Star


What do you think???

EcoAstrology Update: Solar Eclipse

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July 8, 2021

On June 26, we experienced perhaps the most powerful lunar eclipse to date. Those huge evolutionary tailwinds continue as we approach yet another extremely transformative eclipse, this one a total solar eclipse. If you have been feeling disoriented, spacey, headachy, and/or generally “off” lately, it is likely due to the intense cosmic energies bathing our planet and psyches right now. The electromagnetic grids supporting consciousness are changing. Our biochemical circuitry is being re-wired. Old programming, limiting beliefs, deep seated fears are surfacing to be purged. Clear your schedule as much as possible for the next few days (and beyond), and this Sunday especially; a quiet, receptive state facilitates integrating the big cosmic downloads and quantum upgrades available at this pivotal time. Be in nature, prayer, meditation, gratitude, humility. See everything as a mirror; integrate your shadow with courage and compassion. Listen closely to your inner guidance as to what to do, and not do, each moment.

Solar eclipses are extra powerful New Moons — and a total eclipse even more so. This eclipse forms on July 11 at 12:40 PM PDT at 19Ş24’ Cancer. It will be visible primarily over the South Pacific, but deeply felt around the world. Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother, expressed in myriad forms: Gaia, Demeter, the Virgin Mary, Isis, Kali, Pele, Yemaya, Spider Woman, Kuan Yin, Tara and many others. The word “matter“ comes from the Sanskrit root “mat”, meaning “mother.” Cancer represents the yin, receptive principle, the creation matrix, that which births, supports, and protects all forms of life. This eclipse calls us to remember that there is no real separation between spirit and matter, that all life is sacred, and that we must bring the feminine back into balance with the masculine. We must learn to give as well as receive, to give back to the Earth as well as take. We must recognize the power of being as well as doing, the power of higher consciousness, the power of collaboration rather than competition. The events we see in our lives and the world are calling us to make a dimensional shift, away from greed, arrogance, and fear, into recognizing the power of the heart, the power of truth, and the power of Love.

The asteroid Juno is closely conjunct the Sun and Moon, highlighting the Juno/Hera archetype. Myths, along with languages, change as cultures and paradigms change. In Roman times, “juno” denoted the soul or animating spirit; its masculine counterpart was “genius". As patriarchy advanced, "genius" remained in common usage; "juno" fell out of use, as the feminine was deemed soulless. Juno's Greek counterpart, Hera, was the Great Goddess, independent and complete, without a consort, up to Hellenic times (8th century B.C.E.). Mythic attributes and origins morphed as the feminine was subordinated to the masculine; Hera was reduced from a Virgin Queen to a daughter of Saturn/Chronos; Saturn, originally a pre-Hellenic fertility aspect of the Great Mother, became Father Time and the ruler of the known universe. In modern times, Juno continues to symbolize the ongoing struggle for mutual respect, balance, and integration between the masculine and feminine. The fact that this eclipse occurs near the south node of the Moon emphasizes a collective need to release victimhood, and re-empower our relationship to the feminine--shifting our focus from conflict and destruction to that which is life supporting, all embracing, and creative. It also indicates that the goddess/earth wisdom we developed in past lives can be of great benefit and service now.

As the first water sign, Cancer represents the development of sensitivity and awareness of the ever-changing flow of feelings and needs. Along with the feminine, the element of water has been denigrated, both psychologically, and on a larger scale physically now, than ever before. Our feelings inform us as to what is healthy or harmful, what to go toward, and what to avoid. If we have been raised in families or cultures which suppress and deny the importance of emotions, we develop and carry a big backlog. As humanity’s evolutionary thrust moves from duality to unity, emotions and trauma which have been stored in the unconscious must surface for resolution and healing. Changes in the Earth and the Sun’s magnetic fields, along with cosmic impulses from our galactic core and beyond, make it more important than ever to continually monitor our feelings and intuition as a spiritual GPS. As we release what has been stored, we create from love rather than fear. A relatively simple but very powerful clearing technique, excerpted from the book by Leslie Temple Thurston entitled The Marriage of Spirit, is available at Leslie will be offering a teleconference class on processing for these times on July 24-25; see the Resources below for details.

Water is the most dominant element on Earth; three fourths of our planet and our bodies are comprised of water. Like everything else, water is conscious; its ability to record impressions and respond to our thoughts has been documented by Dr. Emoto and other scientists. To learn about the amazing properties of water, watch the documentary entitled Water: the Great Mystery at The BP oil disaster in the water of the Gulf of Mexico remains an open, gushing wound in the Earth’s crust, affecting not only the millions of plants, animals, and humans in that area, but all life on this planet. Watch the beautiful "Call to Heal the Waters" by First Nations elder Dave Courchene at and join the Third Wave to Restore the Gulf meditation on Saturday, July 17 at 4 PM PDT if you feel drawn to do so. For alternative sources of information about the extent and implications of this catastrophic event not being covered by the mass media, visit

The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 marked a world-wide shift in consciousness; July 17-18, 2010 offers a similar opportunity for a quantum leap. From Johan Calleman: “According to the ancient Maya, the creation of the universe is effected by nine waves. We are now approaching the end of the eighth wave and, on top of this, the activation of the ninth and highest level that will cap off the evolution of the universe. This ninth level of the universe is designed to generate unity consciousness. The manifestation of the unity consciousness brought by the ninth level will require an intention on the part of the human beings to co-create this. The Conscious Convergence, July 17-18, 2010, is for those that are willing to set the intention to create unity consciousness in the ninth wave of the Mayan calendar system.” For more on this crucial time and the impact of our choices, visit; watch a video of Dr. Calleman at, and join with others at

On July 11, 1991, there was a solar eclipse at 18°58’ Cancer and, more recently, on January 9, 2022 a lunar eclipse at 19°36’ Cancer-Capricorn, both close to the degree of this eclipse. While those eclipses and times were nowhere near as intense, they activated issues and areas which are once again front stage for each of us personally and collectively. What was happening in your life then? What is your heart and soul calling you to do now? Notice where you are choosing to spend your time and energy. What are you here for? To what do you dedicate your time, your energy, your life? Affirm your intentions daily, and especially on the day of the solar eclipse. When in doubt, breathe, pray, and remember: “Personal transformation can and does have global effects. "As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one." (Marianne Williamson).

Stephanie Austin

Stephanie Austin M.A. has been a professional astrologer since 1986, specializing in life purpose, career, and relationship readings. She has a Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies, is an adjunct professor at John F. Kennedy University, and writes the New and Full Moon column for the Mountain Astrologer Magazine. For more information on her astrology readings, classes, and forecasts, please visit


A powerful, 5-minute sound meditation for activating the pineal gland, which facilitates access to higher consciousness, as well as other valuable sound meditations are available at:
Tom Kenyon's latest Hathor channeling:

July 24 & 25 The Art of Conscious Creative Adaptation: The Power of Processing, a two-day public teleconference intensive with Leslie Temple-Thurston. A rare opportunity to work with an enlightened teacher via telephone bridge. Leslie will give a talk, take questions, offer a shakti transmission and give a guided meditation during the call. Geared for people at any level of spiritual development.

A multi-faceted portal for powerfully building and supporting transformational community both locally and globally, offering many helpful videos and resources:

Extraordinarily beautiful new crop circle reported on June 13 in Italy:

Channeled message on current Earth changes: Call/MWmesages/July2010/Collective07-01-10.htm

photos by Stephanie Austin  Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Austin All rights reserved.


August 17, 2004--through Cynthia Hart

2,000 times 12 moons have gone by.

I see the people have made it on the Earth, so many colors, and the rainbow of all nations are heard. In time, all will be working together. The Earth changes will see to that. Earth is in the birth of a New Earth and change will happen.   You need to know—you have to be open to these changes or you will leave the planet. The animals will be giving us signs of the New Change that is happening to the Earth.  I feel this world is now ready for the New Changes. Balance your Mind, Body, Spirit and Heart. You ask how?

♥ Life Lesson 1

First, you have to love, honor, respect, trust and have integrity to yourself. So you can love, honor, respect, trust, and have integrity to others.

♥ Life Lesson 2

Loving yourself is to know your needs and your wants and to be open to receive and have them.

♥ Life Lesson 3

Honor the Self on All Levels, even your weaknesses, for they can be your signature.

♥ Life Lesson 4

Walk with Respect. It is just responding to a situation or not. What is in front of your walk on a daily basis, then you decide if you want to engage or not. Your lessons coming for you first; then, if you want the lesson, you can or not.

♥ Life Lesson 5

Trusting your own decisions, no matter if it is right or wrong. In the end, it will be right for you.

♥ Life Lesson 6

Walk the Beauty Way in your life. Treat people like you want to be treated.

♥ Life Lesson 7

There are No Rules. Just Common Sense. Using Your Own Ability to Know What is Right for You—not any other.

♥ Life Lesson 8

The Law of Abundance is open to you through your Free Will Nonjudgment of Yourself.

♥ Life Lesson 9

The Mind is for you to have the Experience, choosing drama or not.

♥ Life Lesson 10

The Body is connected to your eternal body. It is like a sponge. What you say, do, eat, or drink will have an effect on your timing in life.

♥ Life Lesson 11

Praying to Spirit will help you stay closer to Spirit. When you get used to it, you become a Walking Prayer for Spirit.

♥ Life Lesson 12

Life is but a dream. So, you can Wake Up—and feel Life all around you and dream new dreams.

Walking in Beauty means Taking Care of Yourself so you can take care of others. Walking in Beauty is a Heart-FULL Way of Walk.

Watch what you are eating and drinking, what type of medication you are taking. Ask, are they of service to you. If that one thing is bad for you, love yourself, don’t.


There are MANY TEACHINGS that have been given to the people on Planet Earth. To realize the diversity and the sameness, we feature a few of the TEACHINGS


8 Great Powers, The Circle of Laws

In the Native American tradition there are 8 GREAT POWERS, represented by points on the Medicine Wheel circle.

Direction Religion Branch Examples
North Jewish 12 Tribes of Israel, Kabalistic
Northeast African Witch Doctor, Voodoo
East Egyptian Sun People
Southeast Hindu Sufi
South Anglo Saxon Celtic, Druid, Wicca, Earth
Southwest Turtle Island Native American, Mayan, Incan
West Dragon People Oriental, Buddhists, Taoists
Northwest Christian Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran....

The Teachings say that Each has 12 Mystery Schools/Crystal Skulls. The 12 Mystery Schools of the 8 Great Powers are 96 possible paths—Paths of Power—all of which lead to Enlightenment. The further along on the path a person is, all paths become the same.

The level of Game of Life
Is Time, Place, Substance
To Know All There is to Know
To Know All Things

Feeding the Eagle
Giving Up Yourself Awareness
Must Burn from Fire Within

Make the Seeking of Knowledge
Physical, Whole Body Knowing
Your Total Reality
Your Goal

There are 15 Gateways of either 22 or 33 degrees. The American Indian has 22 degrees. Degrees are Steps of Initiation. Initiation: Passed the Test for the Degree of Passage. Gateways are Milestones and a person must first past test (initiation). Any one of the spiritual paths will get you THERE.

Discover which is your path. It is the path with Heart of the Great 8 (which path sings to your soul and heart, which path empowers you). Not every path is right for everyone. Choose the path that gives you understanding and clarity.

Most paths in the present time are to control you, not to empower you. Magick is knowing how energy in the Universe moves and going with it. As above, so below. What happens in the Spiritual, then happens on the physical.