The Birth of a White Buffalo Calf is an
Omen of Universal Significance

The Story

Jim and Dena Riley

The Legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman

One day on a ranch in Wyoming, owned by Jim and Dena Riley, the day—April 30, 1997—their brown mama buffalo, named Big Momma, gave birth to MIRACLE MOON-[1], she was born red like all baby buffalo….but soon turned white….and remains white today. Her name comes from the fact that she survived being tossed 15 feet into the air while still in the birth sack. Jim saved her life....and thus began a very special bond with this new WHITE buffalo calf. Only one in ten million buffalo turns out to be white.

By 2001, two more while buffalo calves had been born. An unbelievable miracle that the while buffalo were coming forth…but not without many trials and tribulations that surround being chosen as Keepers and Guardians of the White Buffalo. It was now time to move their small growing buffalo family.

In December of 2001, they moved the buffalo to a 5-acre ranch 20 miles northwest of Flagstaff, Arizona, near the base of the San Francisco Peaks, at an elevation of over 8,000 feet. These peaks, a dormant volcano, rise almost 13,000 feet and are the home of the Hopi Kachina People, and the sacred mountain to the Navajos, the Havasupai, and other surrounding Native American tribes and are looked upon with awe and reverence.

When Jim and Dena first came to this land, they looked toward the peaks and on the side of the mountain, they saw the form of a White Buffalo—and there was also Coyote, Kokopelli, a Star, and a Crescent Moon, as well as a Spirit’s Face! This was their sign, this was the place. They called this new home, Spirit Mountain Ranch, because so many spirits were overlooking this new chosen place. Their intent was to purchase additional land as needed, but then developers came in and bought all the surrounding land, locking the ranch to five small acres.

They have made the White Buffalo at Spirit Mountain Ranch available to the world, and thousands of visitors—people of all nations from around the globe—have come to visit, honor and offer prayers….and receive blessings. Both Jim and his beloved wife Dena have invested their life and savings for their White Buffalo family and to be able to share them with the world. Their gift is immense.

The White Buffalo calves continue to bless us. By 2008, NINE white buffalo had been born. There has never been a White Buffalo herd in history! The Sacred White Buffalo herd of Spirit Mountain Ranch have been DNA tested and are confirmed to be 100% pure North American Bison, as opposed to Beefalo or Cattelo.

Then, tragically, our beloved Jim Riley died suddenly of a heart attack on Saturday, April 12, 2008. He was 64. He gave his life for his cherished White Buffalo and he understood their message and their mission.

Then two more White Buffalo were born in May of 2008. The newest baby buffalo born this year is JIM'S "BE HAPPY SPIRIT,"-[10] born May 4, 2008. This is MIRACLE MOON'S-[1] 5th White baby born to her, now our 10th White Buffalo. DENA'S "PRIDE & JOY,"-[11] was born May 15, 2008. This is Big Momma’s 3rd White baby born to her, now our 11th White buffalo. They are both females and doing quite well.

The number of White Buffalo now  is ELEVEN—the number of the prophecy. The herd has severely outgrown the ranch, and Jim, up to the time of his spirit passing, Dena, and Cynthia Hart of the Sacred World Peace Alliance have been searching for new land with the right conditions. The conditions on the present land are extreme, water and food have to be purchased and trucked in. Electricity is from a generator. The winters are extreme. The need for a NEW HOME is great. The conditions now are overcrowded.

Our responsibility is not only to take good care of the Sacred White Buffalo but also to protect these very special and exotic rare animals. They are considered “Religious Miracles.”

Our mission is to SECURE NEW LAND AND TO RELOCATE the Sacred White Buffalo herd to a place where they can eat living grass and have readily available water. A place that is climate appropriate and where they can have lots of space to “Run Like the Wind.”  In addition to securing land, there will also be the additional expenses for food, water, care, relocation, and new setup expenses for both the Sacred White Buffalo herd and their caregivers.


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Our Goals:
As you have heard the Buffalo are now living in Southern Oregon. They are temporarily on private land and we would love to be able to share them with the world. In order to share them we need to have them on the appropriate land.
We would like to find a ranch as a permanent home for us and the Buffalo herd.   We need a place to rent or option to buy  in the Oregon area, 44 plus acres is what is needed with sufficient water supply.   We want to have enough room in order for the herd to grow, and be able to show the White Buffalo and have events at their new place of residence.
It would be nice to see Jim & Dena Riley's vision and dream finally completed.  If you should know of a place or someone to contact.   Please call or email me.
Blessings and Thank you,
Cynthia Hart-Button
President and Founder
Sacred World Peace Church & Alliance
541-846-9006  or