Our Story
by Jim and Dena Riley

On April 30, 1997, a White Buffalo was born on our ranch on the edge of the Black Hills of Wyoming. At the time of her birth, she was thrown by another buffalo and flipped 15 feet into the air. Jim was present at her birth and literally saved her life. We named her Miracle Moon because it was a miracle that she survived the ordeal, and there was a full moon that night. As Miracle Moon got older we got her a mate, Willy Wonka. Her first born, Rainbow Spirit, arrived in this world on June 8, 2000. She is also a White Buffalo just like her mother but lighter and whiter with a white stripe down her back. A second calf, Mandela Peace Pilgrim, was born to Miracle Moon on July 18, 2001, and a third, Arizona Spirit, on July 1, 2002. All these calves were fathered by Willy Wonka--a purebred brown North American Bison. This family unit is still together, thriving, at the base of a sacred mountain in Northern Arizona.

And now the babies are having their own white babies. On May 22, 2004, Mandela Peace Pilgrim gave birth to Sunrise Spirit (female). Five days later on May 27, 2004, Rainbow Spirit gave birth to Spirit Thunder (male). Both these white buffalo babies were fathered by BlackJack--a brown Canadian Bison.

Miracle Moon and Willy Wonka gave birth to their fourth white calf, Chief Hiawatha, on May 16th, 2005. Hiawatha is the seventh White buffalo!

A White Buffalo is so rare there is only one in 10 million births, and Miracle Moon is the first white buffalo since 1833!. Because this is such a rare occurrence all of our white buffalo have been DNA tested, not once, but twice. They are 100% pure bison and thus have no trace of cattle genes. According to the National Bison Association there are approximately 350,000 buffalo in the world today, but only 12,000 to 15,000 are pure buffalo! Every other "white buffalo" to be DNA tested has proven to be a "beefalo", a cross between cattle and buffalo. There have been others born which have refused free DNA testing from the National Bison Association.

According to Lakota prophecy, a female White Buffalo--of which we have four--is a sacred symbol for all races to come together in peace, balance and harmony. It also heralds a time of enlightenment and brings healing into the world. Some say that it signals a spiritual shift on the earth and that prayers are being heard.

It is for this reason that we feel that the presence of Miracle Moon, Rainbow Spirit, Peace Pilgrim, Arizona Spirit, Sunrise Spirit, Spirit Thunder and Chief Hiawatha is an important message for all people, cultures, races and religions to come together during this time of war and strife.

Many blessings,
Jim and Dena Riley (caretakers)

Letter from A.S. Barry...

I am an artist, promoter and musician. I was exploring the idea of a healing festival to be produced in Sedona, Arizona called the "Sacred Earth Festival." It was around the middle of October, 2001. I wanted a "White Buffalo" ceremony on stage for the festival because I had always heard that this would be a tremendous thing to behold so I called around and couldn't find anyone that knew anything like this was available. A friend, Gary Bass, came out of the blue and gave me a telephone number of Jim and Dena Riley, the owners of the White Buffalo in South Dakota. I called. We talked for 2 hours and they expressed hope that I might be the one that the Creator had sent to them. I wanted to know what they were talking about. They explained that they wanted to move the buffalo's to Arizona. I couldn't believe it. Move the White Buffalo to Arizona! I finished my projects and left in five days for South Dakota. (18 hours one way) to see if this was something I could do. Two hours before I arrived at their ranch an amazing event took place that I had always wanted to see since I was a child. The Northern Lights appeared all around my truck with the brilliance only a few chosen folks have ever witnessed. My guest that was riding up with me looked out the window and said "It's raining light on us." I couldn't get that phrase out of my mind as hard as I tried. "Raining light on us as we're arriving to meet the White Buffalo's. Wow what a message. Needless to say it was the most unbelievable adventure I have ever had in my wildest dreams. After I met Jim and Dena I felt it would be a sacred mission that I knew I must be a part of. I love them like family, just like I did that first night, and will always hold dearly to my heart that I was chosen to do this sacred thing. Jeanie Sevon is also a "chosen one" that has an incredible story how she first saw my flyer and tingled with joy while tears flowed forth over this historic news. I want to thank Asher Lyons and Silvia Alina also.


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