Spirit Mountain Ranch

We would like to show our Gratitude and Thanks

And honor the many people that have helped through the years

  Either through Money-Work-or Products that were donated to sell

 In order to care for the buffalo


  1. Morning Star Lodge, with Arwyn “Lightning Walker” Larkin, and her many students from the USA and Around the World.

  2. Vision Life Force Foundation with Pres. Derick & Judith Newell, Geri, Paul and Lyn. of England

  3. Barry Erickson with Children’s Spirit Ranch Foundation, Sunnyvale, Calif.

  4. Brian Dalsin of British Columbia, Canada

  5. Ed & Rose Celestine, Flagstaff, Ariz.

  6. Cynthia Hart-Button, Sacred World Peace Church And Alliance, Williams, Or.

  7. Charles Button, Sacred Mountain Records & Studio, Williams, Or

  8. Marilyn Gard, ICER-2-Go, Sedona, Ariz.

  9. Barbara Brown, Sedona, Ariz.

  10. Bishop Larry Jensen, Sedona, Ariz.

  11. Glenda Green, Sedona, Ariz.

  12. Asher Lyons, Calif.

  13. Mary “Green Star” Morris, Sierra Vista, Ariz.

  14. Wes & Darlene Meyer, Ohio

  15. Shanti Haydon, Calif.

  16. Rick Richards, ABC Water, Flagstaff, Ariz.

  17. Janice Holmes, Beverly Hills, Calif.

  18. Russell Box Sr, Delores, Colo.

  19. Heyoka Merrifield, Montana

  20. Anita Polacca, Polacca, Ariz. Hopi Land

  21. Gabriel & Shanti Cousens, Patagonia, Ariz.

  22. Ondie Towne, Sedona, Ariz.

  23. Chris O’Brian, Sedona, Ariz.

  24. Graham Lusty, Netherlands

  25. Leslye Jacobs, Beverly Hills, Calif.

  26. Bob Longest & Krystl Rose, Valle, Ariz.

  27. Jeanie Sevon, White Buffalo Candle, Sedona, Ariz.

  28. Alan Scott “Barry”, Or

  29. Richard Swallow, Standing Buffalo Clan, Pine Ridge Res., S. D.

  30. Gil Aguilara, Hurley, N. Mex.

  31. Silvia Alina, Austria

  32. Bill Paulson & Family, Custer, S.D.

  33. Amazon Herb Co.,

  34. Walt “Ironpipe” Mitchell

  35. Julie “Rainwoman” Brinkley, Ark.

  36. Helene Rothchild, Sedona, Ariz.

  37. Mona Hedin, Tempe, Ariz.

  38. Peter & Petra Mair, Munich, Germany

  39. Wallace Black Elk, S.D.

  40. Duane & Janie Miles, Rim Rock, Ariz.

  41. Jana Shiloh, White Buffalo Essence, Sedona, Ariz.

  42. Francis & Eva Billy, Tuba City, Ariz.

  43. Gailyn Allison, Arlington, Va.

  44. Mark Peebler, It’s All Good, Sedona, Ariz.

  45. Lane Badger, Four Corners Magazine, Sedona, Ariz.

  46. Steve Kern, Calif.

  47. Dan Mauldin, Waxahachie, Tx.

  48. George & John Rhodes, Calif.

  49. Thana “Red Hawk” Walker, Calif

  50. K -Mudd Radio, Garberville, Calif.

  51. Randall Proudy, Malibu, Calif.

  52. Paul Hait, Bend, Or.

  53. Kenneth “Three Eagles” Bordeaux, Neb.

  54. Artist - Aline Marie,

  55. Suzanna Isabella, Australia

  56. Gabriel Cousens, Tree Of Life, Patagonia, Ariz.

  57. Vicki Southern, Eugene, Or.

  58. Heartsong, Grants Pass, Or.

  59. Kathleen Jones, Applegate, Or.

  60. Jack & Wanda Decker, Applegate. Or.

  61. Geri & Steve Decker, Applegate, Or.

  62. Tuffy Decker, Applegate, Or.

  63. Roger Mauldin & Family, Vaneta, Or.

  64. Bear Clan of Medicine Creek Mentis, Clan Mother Tonya “White Deer” Cargill Laytonville, Calif.

  65. Agnes “Pilgrim” Baker, G.P.,Or.

  66. Fred & Scott with Aquarius Books & Gifts, Grants Pass,

  67. Al Wilson, Murphy, Or.

  68. Willie Warwick, Williams, Or.

  69. Willow, Williams, Or.

  70. Willie Whitefeather, Williams, Or.

  71. Warren John Wolfe, Williams, Or.

  72. Dennis Dragon Family Foundation, Williams, Or.

  73. Tim Sampson, Hollywood, Calif.

  74. Indubious, (Righteous Sound Productions) Grants Pass, Or.

  75. Rainey’s Corner, Sams Valley, OR.

  76. South 40 Feed & Grain, Grants Pass, Or

  77. Farmers Supply, G.P. Or.

  78. Grainger Feed, G.P., Or.

  79. Raymond West, R-bar-D Hay sales, Grants Pass, Or.

  80. Ed & Nancy Vaughn, Jacksonville, Or.

  81. Jeff & Lori Cooper, Williams, Or

  82. Alysia Gayle, Medicine Flower, Williams, Or.

  83. Owen Martin, G.P. Or.

  84. Mystic Trade Co., Ashland, Or.

  85. Herb Pharm, Williams, Or.

  86. Eddie Little Crow, Williams, Or.

  87. Rosie & Gary Burroughs, G.P., Or.

  88. Bill “Little Eagle” & Jeanie Ellison, Grants Pass, Or

  89. Laura Cavanaugh ,Medford, OR

  90. Pacifica ,Williams. OR

  91. Troy Turner, Applegate, OR

  92. Don and Ellie Craven , Grants pass, OR

  93. The Gang from Kendrick's Park , Flagstaff, AZ.

  94. Peggy Sue Jenkins, Grants Pass, OR

  95. Candace Mac Nair , Santa Barbara, CA

  96. Camille, Granville, Ca

  97. Red Hawk mother, Melinda Miranda,

  98. A David and JC and family, Williams , Ca

  99. Pat Eaton ,somewhere, CA

  100. Marian Elton , Medford, Ca


I want to thank our family that has been there with Jim and I through this Journey of life with the White Buffalo. They were there for Jim when I had my accident, and they were there for me when Jim went to the Spirit World. I couldn’t have gotten this far without each and every one of you. I Love you all very much.  THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE!





A.S. “Barry”, and his side kick Jeanie Sevon was our hero’s in helping move the buffalo and us to Flagstaff from S.D. What a great team you all were. Things couldn’t have gone better. I am proud to call you both my friends.  WE LOVE YOU BOTH


Arwyn “Dream Walker” and her partner Tree came many times over the past years to watch the buffalo for us while we went to our family’s gatherings during the Holidays. They brought their holiday eats and settled in and enjoyed their time with the buffalo. Thank you for all you and your students support through all the many years.



I want to thank my sister Susan and Cynthia for being there when I had my accident. They took over the business and did the Gift Shop along with the office work for the business. They made a great team while my mom took care of me in the back living quarters. They took a lot of pressure off Jim during that time.    THANK YOU - I LOVE YOU GUYS.


We want to thank Cynthia and Charles for coming into Jim’s and my life. You were there to save the many days for me.  You never flinched at what was a head of you and you both have been through the struggles with us. You went ahead of me and made the needed contacts so we could move to Oregon. The Alliance was much needed and Cynthia you went forward and made it happen. I will never be able to pay back all that the two of you have done for me and the buffalo. I am glad we make a great team.



Ed & Rose Celestine, we couldn’t have had as great a friends as you are. You both have been great friends since  we lived in Wyoming. They came periodically to visit Jim, myself and the buffalo and we came to be quite close. I know the path got cold since Jim passed. You will always be a very special part of our life. Our love be with you always and always. ED, YOU ARE THE BEST BROTHER JIM HAD.  I CANT DESCRIBE WHAT YOU BOTH MEAN TO US.  OUR GREATEST THANKS ALWAYS


Dan Mauldin dropped everything and came from south Texas as soon as he heard about Jim passing. He cared for the buffalo and I didn’t have to worry at all about their care during his 10 day visit. He also came and transported the female buffies to Oregon with me. He allowed me to use his truck and trailer to move my belongings as well.

DAN  YOU’RE  THE  BEST   Take good care of Willie Wonka for us!!


Glyn Hayes, came from England for 3 months Jan - March 2009 to help me on the Ranch, Glyn did what ever needed to be done and worked through snow and all conditions.

A true Hero you are. You’re the GREATEST Glyn


Mary “Green Star” Morris was another one that put her heart and soul into helping take care of the buffalo and dogs while we started our journey to Southern Oregon with the buffalo, after Glyn left to go back to Germany. She did what ever needed to be done. She was our “Green Star” Angel sent from the south. Mary you will always have my deepest gratitude for what you did for me and the buffalo.      A GREAT BIG THANK YOU


Andy Small came the day Jim passed, and continued to be there helping care for the buffalo, and during the worst time of the winter. He repaired the frozen water pipe leaks, hung drywall, and worked hard when he was there. He was my Navajo angel.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Gailyn Allison, (a neurological massage therapist), was always there with her dynamite massages. She not only helped Jim through his muscle Disorder when he was here. But she also was there for me after Jim passed. I will always be grateful for all you did for both Jim and me. We thank you and always send our best always.       THANK YOU


Bob , Krystl and Terry. Wow! What a ride this move was. You were the best packers and movers I had on the Arizona end. And what about driving those two tractors 6 hours and 22 miles down the road?? But we did it! Thanks to the three of you. Thanks for what you are doing for me and the buffalo.



Thank you Kathleen, for providing the land the buffalo are on in Oregon. I will always be grateful for all you have done. It’s been a rocky road but we will all get through it. We will always be indebted to your generosity. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.


Jack & Wanda Decker, Applegate, Or. Jack and Wanda have been helping me care for the buffalo on the Applegate Ranch where the buffalo are now. Jack makes sure I have wood for my only heat in the rental near the property. Him and Wanda have been there for everything I need. They have become both family and friends in such little time. The Buffalo always put a smile on their faces when they are near them.



Marilyn Gard and her partner Roberta, have been our angels many times and now here they are completely redoing the buffalos website to help once again. You two are great!! My many thanks and blessings are with you always. I am glad you are a special part of the buffalo and my life. My Gratitude always for what all you have done.




Those that went above and beyond in helping with this journey I will be getting in touch with you for your picture on a special page I will be doing soon.