Sacred World Peace Alliance would like you to know that this is the only color the blankets come in. The back of the blanket is beige, not green.
The size is 64” x 80”. These blankets are all wool and have the shed of the white buffalo shed going through the weave.
We honor this blanket in memory for Jim Riley and his wife Dena, the first guardians of the white buffalo. We promised to move the buffalo back to Jim’s home land in Oregon and we did. Now we honor him with these blankets for World Peace which was his prayer to the world.

$540.00 includes shipping to continental US

 First set of 120 Blankets: 2009 shed are sold out, thank you so much!
Second set of 200 Blanket: 2010 shed will be in March 15 2011, we have half of them sold. Thank you so much.
Third Set of Blankets: 2011 shed will be in ?. Waiting for the shed to know how many there will be. It is up to the buffalo
Blankets are sized at 64” x 80”.
Only color it comes in – Beige color on the back side instead of green.
This is a FIRST of its kind in the 100-year history of the Pendleton Woolen Mills. Our limited and numbered series incorporate the annual shed of eleven American and Canadian Woods Bison White Buffalo. These very collectible blankets have already increased in value. Thanks to the early purchases before manufacturing, these blankets are here. Only 111 blankets were made from the 2009 white buffalo shed. Blessings and gratitude to our Creator that the White Buffalo herd can continue to live and thrive, while the blankets carry their meaning to the world of peace makers. We are hoping you will help sponsor a blanket in honor of someone special to you, or to be presented to an elder or peacemaker. The second year on this blanket is from the shed of the 11 white buffalo now here in Bend, Oregon. We gather and clean the shed and send it to Pendleton to make these beautiful blankets. This year the buffalo gave us the ability to make 200 Blankets. We feel gratitude for this opportunity, and send out our blessings for this journey.

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SWPA thanks the ambassadors, sponsors, our families and friends, our members and staff for all your support on our two year journey to get these blankets made. We thank Pendleton and Peace Partners, and the 11 White Buffalo for making it happen. It was a Major journey to get the buffalo safely to Bend.
We thank Creator for this experience of life. May we always walk with love, and service in supporting these amazing white buffalo.
Thank you, Spirit for this journey.
Blessings and thank you all,
President of SWPA


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This prayer will be sent along with each blanket.

A Prayer to the owner of this Hiawatha
White Buffalo Big Medicine Blanket

May Creator bless you as
Keeper of this blanket;
May you live in Creator’s View,
Unconditional Love for all beings and realms,
Seen and not seen, heard and not heard,
Felt and not felt.
May you know the Power of Place,
Courage in where you stand.
May your path be guided by Elders’ Eyes,
into future vision.
May you hear Earth’s Song,
Be still and listen.
May you honour and respect
Ancestral Teachings,
Honour life
In all realms the sacred.
May this blanket protect you in the Winds of Change
for the constant ebb and flow is our responsibility.
May Thunder Wisdom give you
Knowledge in Spoken Word.
May this prayer blanket wrap you into Wholeness
with all life that surrounds you. Ah Ho!

--Prayer of the Eight Blessings by Anwawilanci
Elder, Shoshone Chumash


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