As you can imagine, feeding and caring for a herd of buffalo requires a lot of food and water.  When grass is not available, we have to purchase hay - and a lot of it!

We greatly appreciate your donations and invite you to join our Adopt-A-Buffalo program.

Donation Amount:
Allocate My Funds Towards:

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a Recurring Donation: 

        Non Tax 1.  Sacred World Peace Church  & Alliance
                         c/o: Dena Riley
                         Checks to: Spirit Mountain Ranch
                         P.O.Box 360
                         Williams , OR. 97544
                          Pay pal  is online
 Tax deduction  2. Sacred World Peace Church & Alliance
                          c/o. Dena Riley , Director of White Buffalo Sanctuary
                          Checks to :Sacred world Peace Church or Alliance (for Buffalo)
                          P.O.Box 360
                          Williams, OR 97544
                          Credit Card donation for tax deduction purposes only.
                         For any questions call 541-846-9006 or email Dena at:

Please send checks to:

Sacred World Peace Church
P.O. Box 360
Williams, OR 97544