…from Dena & Jim Riley

Hello One and All
We want to wish all of you a Prosperous New Year. Another year has whisked right by us once again. There are many people and organizations we owe a

            Great Big Thank you to

For helping us get through another challenging year. 

We want to thank all the students from around the World of,
The Morning Star Lodge with Dr.Arwyn and Tree.
They have stuck with us these last 6 years and we could not have done it with out them. We love you all. Thank You so much for hanging in there with us through thick and thin. 

There were those that donated money in order for the buffalo to have hay through out the year. They were there when they heard our cry for Help and when we needed the funds for a semi- load of hay for these Sacred Animals. Bless each and every one of them.  

These are what we call, Our European Angels. 

We want to thank The Viisions Life Force Foundation,
Geraldine Brolan, (Author of Spoken Truth) her son Paul, and her sister Lynda Shelton,w/ Derek & Judith Newell, all in England.

        Bless you, Bless you, Bless you all.

You were there when the buffalo needed you the most.You never failed to come through for them. We love you guys.

Barry Erickson, with Asphalt Maintenance System in California has visited the last few years. We are very pleased to hear that Barry is doing much better since his last visit here to speak to The White Buffalo this January. Go Barry!! We Love You.


Brian Dalsin, a visitor from B.C in Canada. Came to visit one day and then offered to help with purchasing a load of hay for the Buffalo. WOW!!  Thank You, Brian. You are the Bomb!

Special thanks to an anonymous donor who helped us get the last load of hay.


In November, when Cynthia and I went to California, Janice opened up her home and was a generous hostess while we were in Beverly Hills, while Cynthia did a documentary and some readings.

Thank you Janice you are the Greatest. We love you. 

We want to thank the many people who helped get- Our Cry for Help message out when we needed money to get through the winter. 

J.D. With Blue Feather Tours

Lane Badger With Four Corners Magazine

Cynthia Hart Button (Golden Bear) with Mystic Hart

Charles Button with Spirit Mountain Records

Janice Holmes with DFK Productions

Healing Wolf in RimRock, Az

Jeanne Michaels & Jaap in RimRock, Az

Along with many others,  

Thank You very much and Bless you all

We want to give a Special Thank you to Brian & Tina for dedicating their life, time & money in preserving our Dear Friend, Paul Dycks land, after his passing. I know he is very please to have his Sacred land preserved for the up and coming future. 

Many of you may be wondering what is happening with our journey of relocating the buffalo to more land, since we last talked.

We are still outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. The land we were hoping to be moved too by now, here in Arizona, did not work out for us, so we are now looking at other options and ideas. 

November, Cynthia (Golden Bear) and I had opportunity to go to Northern California near the giant redwoods, where the grass and water is plentiful.

We were welcomed with open arms to the community. 

We want to Thank, Jim Fulton, for his announcement of the town meeting he did so eloquently, the week before the meeting.

You Rocked Jim!!

We also want to thank K-Mudd Radio station in Redway for having us on air with B.R. to let the town people know of the scheduled meeting to talk about relocating the Sacred White Buffalo to Northern California.


The town meeting went very well. There was people there of all ages and we felt at home with them all. They embraced the idea of the White Buffalo relocating to their area. We want to thank everyone who attended the meeting that night in Garberville.


A Big Thank You to Don Felt, in Miranda, for furnishing Cynthia and I a place to lay our heads while visiting.



We owe a Great Big Thank You to our new family members and Ambassadors of No. California. They brought it all together and made it possible that night at the meeting.

Thanks to:  Thana (Red Hawk), her Mother, Melinda (Sky Woman) along with her brother Kharma (Red Bear). Others include Jim, Don, Angela, Candace, Camille, Jason, Michelle, and Steve from Eagles Perch. You guys are the best and we are happy to have you on this Journey of making this happen in No. California

While visiting the Redwoods we met George & John Rhodes of Rhodes Empire. They were kind enough to offer us to use their 501(c)3 non profit, for people to send donations in order to help care for these special White Buffalo.

Thanks Guys. You both have kind and generous hearts. We will never forget your kindness.


Angela McGill did a beautiful piece in the Redwood Times Newspaper after the meeting. This gave the people that were not able to make the meeting an update on how things went. You did a precise recollection of the meeting and we appreciate your journalism.

Go Angela!!


We are in the process of becoming a tax exempt Association to help us move forward to the next leg of this journey in order to get a White Buffalo Sanctuary for these Special animals, in which they so badly deserve. 

We hope to update you as things unravel and come to light.


If you know of land in Northern California that is available that can be used for the animals temporarily, until we get them to their own land, please do not hesitate to contact us or any of our ambassadors we have mentioned. Email us and we will be glad to connect you to them if necessary. 

Our prayers and blessings are with all of you always and forever. 


Much Love and Many Thanks,

Jim-Dena and

The White Buffalo Family



Last but not least Thank You Duane Miles, for helping me with my website. You have been a life saver and we truly appreciate all that you do for us and the White Buffalo. You and Janie, you are the best.

We love you guys. 



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